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Saab's "Newest" & "Rarest" Cars Up For Auction

Original Source: Wall Street Journal Online


Recently several rare cars hit the auction market in Sweden. The Swedish auction website KVD Kvarndammen AB has posted various extraordinary Saabs to its online marketplace. They're calling it the KVD Saab Enthusiast Car Aution, and the list of cars is quite impressive - a portion of them never even made it to the public market! 

Among the vehicles is a 9-3 Cabriolet Independence edition, of which only 38 were ever produced. Also amonst these gems are a handful of NEW 2012 sedan Saab 9-5's. The list certainly does not stop there.

Head over here to download a .pdf with a full detailed explanation of each and every car available, or shoot straight over to KVD Saab Enthusiast Car Auction page itself (it's in English). If you love, or even just like, Saabs, you ought to check this out ASAP. The auctions end December 15th.