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There getting much closer.

Production restart getting closer - NEVS orders parts!

October 10, 2013 in News


Per Svantesson - NEVS (Photo: Victor Jenssen P4 West)

From P4 WEST (full article here): A start of series-production is getting closer for NEVS. The company has now ordered parts from hundreds of suppliers in order to build Saab-cars. Within weeks deals with the remaining suppliers will be completed according to Per Svantesson at NEVS.

- "We have placed orders with hundreds suppliers and will continue strongly over the coming weeks".

How are negotiations going with the suppliers?
- We're moving forward at a good phase. We have about 400…

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SAAB announces production to re-start in Sweden by year end!!

Saab's new owner is seeking to restart production at the automaker's mothballed factory in Sweden later this year.

The Saab plant in Trollhattan is "practically ready" to begin building the 9-3 mid-sized car, said Mikael Oestlund, a spokesman for National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS).

The company has recruited about 300 people including team leaders to oversee assembly.

More great news to follow in the very near future.

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1993 Classic 900 3 door hatch

News Flash !! Park Ave SAAB just got in a very hard to find final year 1993 classic 900. Finished in Cirrus white with tan this classic 3 door hatch 900 S has less than 60000 miles on it. Be sure to logon on to our site www.parkave saab.com to view it and other great classic 900's and 9000's
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Don't Give Up on Your Saab!

We know Saab has been going through a rough patch recently, but that doesn't mean your precious car needs to suffer!

Check out Park Ave Saab service, parts and repair options.  We've got several bays to accommodate lots of folks at once, and courteous, knowledgable staff ready to assist you and your vehicle.  Moreover, we offer loaner cars to customers, just in case their Saab needs to spend the night with us.

Click here or on the service tab on the main menu to schedule an appointment, view our Saab service special deals, or find more information about…
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Park Ave Saab has a Beautiful 1990 Saab 900 SPG X (GM/Saab Heritage Collection)

Park ave SAAB has scored a real head turner! The 1990 SPG that was on display at the GM Heritage musem in Detroit. This car was owned by on e the past CEO for SAAB N.A Dan Chasins. The stunning SPG is now on display in the Park Ave SAAB showroom located at 207 West Central ave in the town of Maywood N.J 

Visit the SPG at http://www.parkavesaab.com/used/Saab/1990-Saab-900-a8c4de8d0a0a00e000ba22e1c9b92079.htm
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Saab-NEVS Launches Its New Website

Recently Saab-NEVS finally rolled out its new official website.  Currently it contains some nice information about what has gone on between Saab and National Electric Vehicle Sweden, or NEVS, as well as some official press releases.

You can find this and more over at their website, SaabCars.com.

There's not a lot to sort through at this time, but in the coming months I'm sure we can expect more regular updates with regard to the status and strategy of the company.
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Looking for the best Saab Service in NJ, NYC?

The Saab brand has been through a lot of hardship over the past few years, but that doesn't mean you should give up on your beloved Saab vehicle!

With Saab's parts availability at an all-time high, now is the time to come to Park Ave Saab for the best Saab service experience in the Tri-State area.  We've got the parts you need, as well as an incredibly personable service staff willing to…
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Saab's "Newest" & "Rarest" Cars Up For Auction


Recently several rare cars hit the auction market in Sweden. The Swedish auction website KVD Kvarndammen AB has posted various extraordinary Saabs to its online marketplace. They're calling it the KVD Saab Enthusiast Car Aution, and the list of cars is quite impressive - a portion of them never even made it to the public market! 

Among the vehicles is a 9-3 Cabriolet Independence Edition...

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Saab Corporate: "Parts Availability at All-Time High"

Don't be fooled!  Despite all the craziness in Sweden, Saab parts are readily available at Park Ave Saab.

From Saab Automobile Parts AB:

"North America parts availability exceeds 95%! With the Swedish government formalizing its ownership of Saab Automobile Parts AB and key supplier agreements in place, the reliable flow of parts into the U.S. market is secure for years to come...

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