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Saab Parts for Life


Saab leaves behind a great legacy - 70 years in the automobile industry and an iconic lineup of cars. Simply because Saab as an automotive brand has ceased to exist doesn't mean its story is over. It still has a role and so do the caretakers and the champions of the Saab legacy. Because Saab cars on the road today are more important than ever, they are an endangered species. That makes them precious, unique and a rare part of automobile history. We need to make you and the owners of these cars understand that too.
We have created a campaign to educate about the importance of conservation, preservation and diversity, not only of cars but of all things we share on this planet.

During the course of a year, donations generated by the campaign will be given to Nordens Ark, with the purpose of saving endangered animals. It is our belief that there are similarities between Saab cars and these animals. They both need to be carefully looked after by the ones who care.

To keep the campaign sustainable and ensure a long and healthy life for your car, we offer you a lifetime warranty on Saab Original parts installed at our Service Centers.

About the Campaign

When the new production of Saab cars ended in 2013, those that remained became more precious than ever. With their numbers dwindling, it was clear that to have a future with Saab cars in it, they would need to be carefully looked after.

This situation is a familiar one: there are thousands endangered animal species that face extinction and need our care, too. Parts for Life brings together these two struggles, one endangered species to another.
Our goal is to spread awareness about the importance of conservation, preservation and diversity, for cars and animals alike.

Bringing your Saab car into an authorized Saab Service Center will help preserve it for decades to come. To make a difference for endangered animals, you can donate to our partner in this effort, Nordens Ark, a non-profit foundation and animal sanctuary working to ensure a future for endangered animals.

How does it work?

Take your Saab to an authorized Service Center and have Original Saab parts installed and you will benefit from a lifetime warranty on those Original parts.

Activate your lifetime warranty at by completing your details on a simple online form. Your lifetime warranty will then be activated, and you will receive a Parts for Life certificate to show your involvement in our campaign. At the end of 12 months we will give a donation to the organization Nordens Ark. This contribution will help save endangered animals around the world.