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Saab Warranty Explained

General Questions Regarding Warranty Coverage on you SAAB:

Q) Does my SAAB still have warranty coverage?

A) If you're driving a 2009 or older SAAB and the time or miles falls within the parameters allowed, the the full warranty is in effect:

All emissions warranties are still in effect
- 6 year/100000 mile power train warranties are still in effect for 2007 and 2008 year models only.
- 5 year seatbelt/SRS warranties are still in effect.
- Roadside assistance is still in effect on these vehicles as well.
- SAAB/CPO warranties sold prior to February 23, 2010 are still in effect.

Q) Can Park Ave SAAB service my car under the exisiting  warranty?

A) Yes Park Ave SAAB can do all the needed warranty and service work for you.

Q) If I am driving a 2010-2011 SAAB 93/95/94X are any of the warranties still applicable?

A) No.  Unfortunately, due to the SAAB bankruptcy those vehicles that were sold under the SWAN ownership carry a voided warranty. Park Ave SAAB has put together quite a few extended warranties options & packages. Please contact one of our understanding staff for guidance and fair pricing.

Q) Can Park Ave handle current recalls on SAAB's?

A) Yes Park Ave is an authorized SAAB service facility and can do factory recalls.

Q) Does the 3yr /36,000 mile SAAB free scheduled maintenance program on my car still apply?

A) Yes providing the car is a 2009 only and the 3yr in service date is in line with miles and time.

Q) If Park Ave SAAB repairs my car, what is the warranty on that work?

A) The warranty on any part is 2 years/24,000 miles and Park Ave SAAB will warranty the labor for 1 year or 12, 000 miles.

Q) Does Park Ave SAAB have loaner cars available and is there a charge.

A) Yes we have loaners available on a first come-first served basis. We only ask that you return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in it and please note that you are responsible for any E-Zpass summons or parking tickets.

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